Weighbridge Options


Weighing and Measuring Solutions Ltd (WMS) can supply a weighbridge to meet your needs. The weighbridges are available in 3m increments starting at a 6 metre weighbridge right up to a 24 m split weighbridge, we can cater for your requirements. We will also determine the type of weighing equipment to meet your industry needs. Whether it be in a quarry, forestry or general freight we will ensure the equipment installed will meet the robustness of your industry.

Along with purchasing your weighbridge we have an experienced team of tradesman who can also install your weighbridge.


If your weighbridge requirements are for a set period we can also offer a leasing option to meet your needs. In a number of circumstances leasing a weighbridge is a good economical solution to satisfy your weighing needs.

This option is available through our relocatable weighbridge option or our stand alone above ground 9m weighbridge. Both these options require a flat surface, with straight approaches for access and a close power supply.

Short Term Lease

This option is available through our relocatable weighbridges. These weighbridges require a level area, power supply, a covered area for electronics and can be set up in a matter of hours. Some examples of a short term lease would be for weighing crops that are being harvested, weighing metal from a river or in the situation where your own weighbridge has broken down

Long term Lease

The long term lease option is available also through the relocatable weighbridge but also by installing a permanent weighbridge. As an indicator a long term lease is for a period of greater than 12 months.

Once again depending on your requirements we can tailor a solution for you.

Weighbridge Management

WMS will also manage your existing weighbridge operation. To maximise profits and minimise your input call us to discuss management options.


How are the load cells accessed?

Inspection hatches are above each load cell for easy access and maintenance. This ensures that the technician will not be subjected to any possible pockets of dangerous fumes or gases or any other hidden dangers.

How is the weighbridge restrained?

Rubberised bumper stops are connected to the weighbridge itself - two at each end of the Universal I-beams. These stop against the abutment wall situated under the bridge. Side restrainers are fixed to steel abutment channels embedded in the concrete abutment wall to prevent unwanted lateral movement.